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Damage to undersea assets such as submarine cables and pipelines due to shipping activity is a significant global problem. Repairs to damaged assets are extremely expensive, and availability of suitable repair vessels is difficult to guarantee.

AssetMonitor from UltraMAP is a web-based service that uses live vessel positions from AIS to help protect submarine assets such as electricity and telecoms cables and oil and gas pipelines, creating automatic warnings if an asset could be at risk due to shipping activity. The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a global system required by international maritime law for all vessels above 300 tons, and all passenger ships regardless of size.

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Undersea cable protection system

AssetMonitor helps to protect important submarine assets, such as cables and pipelines. These assets are at risk from shipping activity (for example, damage from anchors or fishing gear). The risk of damage can be reduced by monitoring vessels in the area surrounding these assets.

The key feature of AssetMonitor is the creation of Protection Zones which use flexible rules and alerts to give early warning of possible damage to assets. Alerts are configured to reflect the severity of a potential incident and are raised as audible and visible alarms in the control room or network operations centre and also as SMS Text messages or emails.